Making a Difference One Act at a Time

Unmotivated Employees Pt.1

Unmotivated employees are a constant problem in the workplace and many people could probably relate to being unmotivated at work.  I am guilty of it myself.  As an unmotivated, I blamed the company.  The company had poor policies and procedures.  The company culture was boring.  The managers didn’t really care that I wasn’t satisfied with me job.  Essentially it was the company’s fault that I was unmotivated.

I never considered that the problem could be with me.  As a manager, if I see an unmotivated employee the first thoughts that cross my mind are whether the employee enjoys their job or if the employee has personal problems that are affecting their performance.  Then I consider what can I do to help motivate them.  I don’t think what could be wrong with the company.

Having experienced both ends of the spectrum, I believe that both parties are to blame for unmotivated employees.  With this in mind, the real issue isn’t why employees aren’t motivated rather how can employees be motivated. It is going to require work from both management and the employee to improve things.  Cooperation and communication are important parts of motivation.

Part 2 of this blog will be giving advice to managers on how to create a more motivating environment.  Part 3 of this blog will be giving advice to employees on how to stay self motivated.

* Video blog to come soon. *


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