Making a Difference One Act at a Time

Unmotivated Employees Pt.2

Employees in every workplace have responsibilities to carry out throughout the day.  They can be made more effective with the proper motivation.  If the employees lack that necessary motivation their performance may suffer.  Below are 4 tips for employers to effectively motivate their employees.

Tip #1: Setting a Good Example

I believe this the key to motivating employees.  As a manager, you set the tone of the workplace.  Attitudes are like a chain reaction.  If you are unhappy with your job, so will your employees.  If you show up everyday prepared to work with a positive attitude, it will transfer to your employees.

Tip #2: Recognition

Give credit where credit is due.  Employees will feel more motivated if they feel appreciated and valued for the work they accomplish.  It also sends a message to all the employees that as a manager, you are paying attention to what they do.  If someone knows they are being evaluated or observed, they tend to be more mindful of their work.

Tip #3: Create a Positive Culture

Recognizing your employees leads perfectly into creating a positive culture or work environment.  Employees should be satisfied with their work conditions and excited about going to work.  This can be accomplished by listening to employees and maintaining open communication.  If employees feel like their opinions matter, they will likely be more involved.  It is also important to allow and encourage employees to do their own work.  By giving employees some freedom, allows them to learn and grow with the company.

Tip #4: Proper Training

As the saying goes “You learn something new every day.”  Therefore training is an ongoing process because training is essentially a learning process.  No one is perfect and procedures can change, so it is important to make sure employees are properly trained.  This will improve their performance because employees will feel more confident that they know what they are doing and know exactly what is expected from them.


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