Making a Difference One Act at a Time

The Byodo-In Temple

Today I was exploring the sites of Hawaii with some friends.  In general, the trip so far has been very relaxing and given me a chance to clear my mind.  However one of our stops today, the Byodo-In Temple, really gave me a chance to think about how I am living my life.

I had a conversation with one of my closest friends about karma.  Karma is the belief that every action results in a reaction that corresponds with the initial action.  In other words, what goes around comes around.  We believe this is a good principle to keep in mind when leading others.

It is fulfilling and more effective if you treat your employees the way you would want to be treated.  Employees should be treated kindly and with respect.  By treating your employees well, you are creating a good work environment.  They will likely feel more open to approach you, which could avoid future problems.

Also when you are motivating to your employees, you will see better results.  The best form of motivation is positive reinforcement and letting them know when they’ve done something well.  Your employees will probably reciprocate and let you know when they believe you have accomplished something great or even just thank you for your support.

This is the type of relationship I have with most of my coworkers and I believe it creates a positive working environment.  We are constantly encouraging each other and giving each other tips if we feel there is room for improvement.  I believe that the positive relationship shows in the work we do.  We work in a job that requires constant customer interaction.  I feel customers can tell that we clearly enjoy working together and it creates a fun and exciting shopping experience for them that they always return.

This doesn’t mean that you always have to be all smiles all the time, because by the principles of karma the employee will have what’s coming to them.  For example, if an employee chooses to do something that is unethical then a consequence such as a written warning or reprimand must occur.

You may not be able to control another person’s actions, but you do have the power to choose your actions and attitude.


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