Making a Difference One Act at a Time

Workplace Competition

Generation Y has a reputation for having high energy and being very competitive.  They are always striving to be the top dog.  But how does this competitive nature translate into the work place?  Is it a quality you want in your employees?

Being overly competitive could create an unpleasant working environment.  People who are too competitive tend to only look out for themselves.  This could easily rub others the wrong way and possibly drive them to take extreme actions to make their reputations look better.

However I do believe that a little competition in the workplace is a necessity.  It is easy to become complacent doing the same tasks every day.  By throwing in some competition, it gives people new goals to strive for everyday and creates challenges.  These challenges engage employees more.  If they achieve their goal there is a greater sense of achievement for the day.  If they don’t reach their goal, it is still important to thank them for their hard work that day and hopefully it will give them more drive to reach their goals the next day.

I believe that competition in the workplace increases productivity because everyone performs at their best.  It allows employees to compare themselves to others and exposes strengths or weaknesses.  This could lead to employees working together if there is a strong company culture.  As a team we can find ways to work together utilizing everyone’s strengths.  Also by knowing everyone’s weaknesses, we can help each other out by giving advice and coaching.



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